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My Pumpkin

This pumpkin was fun to do using some mixed media. I took a 12×16 canvas board and with a trowel spread on some modeling paste. I then took a sponge and dabbed it all over the canvas to give it a sponge-type texture. I knocked down any really large peaks with a palette knife. Then I let the board dry thoroughly. In AZ, that can be two to four hours. Others might need to wait 24 hrs. I then used a light gray mixture of acrylic paint and painted the board. I then transferred my pumpkin pattern. I use graphite paper to transfer. On this I used a gray color of transfer paper. For the background colors, I used a creamy mixture of paint to cover the gray. Afterwards, I used a dry brush to overlay some paint onto the textured surface. The pumpkin itself, I used mostly dry brushing and just added layers of white. In the crevases of the pumpkin, I used a wash of asphaltum, some green, and some blue. I also added some orange in places as some additional color enhancing. Then, a little more dry brushing white highlights. The pumpkin stem is asphaltum and white. This was a fun painting. The pattern and lesson was from AB Jones through Plaid. I love that the texture affected this painting when creating a 3D effect. /per

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Art Sites that I Like

I belong to the FB group Let’s Paint with Plaid, I enjoy Andy B Jones as a teacher, as well as Chris Williams. This FB group is like a loving family community. The group offers free tutorials every Tuesday and Thursday. They are also affiliated with Plaid Crafts and some of the studio lessons and monthly lessons are awesome. They also recently started a Master Class that people can register to participate.

I follow Art by David Jansen, David provides lessons on florals and landscapes, as well as tutorials on YouTube

I follow Learn to Paint Academy, There are FB tutorials, as well as lessons/challenges you can sign up for on this site.

I follow Feliks Kaparchuck, Feliks also has YouTube tutorials, lessons on his Color by Feliks website, and on his FB page.

I’m following other artists, but these are the ones I frequent the most, thus far. Why? The lack of expensiveness for one reason. I also like their works and lessons. As time rolls on, I will find others I like and will post. /per

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I am an Artist

I am an Artist! Wow!! It’s been forever to be able to state that I am an artist. Over the years, people recognized some talent, but I never considered myself an artist. What makes an artist an artist? Is it that they publish? Sell? Have a following? I think it is when the artist believes they are an artist. Yes, I’m a person with talents. I sew/tailor, crochet, play a concert flute and a Native American flute, paint, silversmith, potter, sing and others. However, I feel I can call myself an artist now because I feel, in painting, that my talent has grown enough that I can create my own take on ideas, even if I’m taking a class or using somebody’s pattern. I have enough confidence to put my “spin” on the painting. Does this make sense?

Talent is something we learn. It comes easy for some. I learned in high school, that if you don’t at least try something, you might never know what you are capable of accomplishing. I also suppose that some talent is a natural thing, such as being able to carry a tune. But, can carrying a tune also be learned? I learned in grade school to read music. Trust me though, I am not a great singer or flutist. I simply never practiced hard enough. Painting can be learned. There are many technical aspects to painting that if participating in those lessons, one can technically learn to paint. I think painting also takes intuition to know what colors to use, when to “stop”, when a painting might need more. I have not had a lot of technical training in painting, but with the little I have and with my intuition, I am fairly happy with what I have accomplished. I have more to learn and as long as my brain and hands continue to work, I will accomplish more. This is a journey. /per